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Certification Renewal Directions:

     Directions for teachers needing a STANDARD Teaching Certificate Renewal certificate renewal if unable to progress to PROFESSIONAL
Directions for teachers with a STANDARD certificate, progressing to a PROFESSIONAL certificate  BEFORE July 1, 2018
Directions for teachers with a STANDARD certificate, progressing to a PROFESSIONAL certificate  BEGINNING July 1, 2018
     Directions for teachers wanting PROFESSIONAL certificate renewal
     Directions for teachers with PROFESSIONAL certificate, wanting to progress to an ADVANCED certificate
     Directions for administrators seeking a SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR certificate
     Directions for administrators seeking a SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR certificate renewal
     Directions to set up a NEW MOECS account and use it to upload PD hours as well as renew and print your certificate. 
NCLB Highly Qualified Status Information - MDE website
What Qualifies as Professional Development  Download a print copy (changes enacted May, 2012)

Reading Course Requirement:

In order to move from a Provisional to a Professional Teaching Certificate, you MUST have met the Reading Course requirement from the Approved Reading Courses:  Six credit hours of reading methods for elementary certified teachers and three credit hours of reading methods for secondary teachers (taken as an undergraduate since 1985) PLUS three credit hours in the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiated instruction, including field experience (typically taken as a graduate student).

PD Recording Forms:

There are two purposes for PD Logs.  First, each district is required to keep a copy of each educator's log; and second, professional staff who renew their certificate every 5 years will likely need the logs to apply for re-certification.  

Teachers in their first three years of teaching should use the Beginning Teachers Annual Record of PDThe Registry of Educational Personnel (REP) accepted categories for PD are Instructional Delivery Strategies and Classroom Management.

Experienced teachers should use the Experienced Teachers Annual Record of PD

Anyone using District Provided PD toward their renewal should use the District Provided PD Record for Certificate Renewal.  If you are unsure, review How to Log DPPD Hours and Criteria for Accurate Documentation, MDE DPPD FAQ 

Other staff not needing to renew their certificate may use the District Provided PD Log for ALL PD attended during the year.

Regardless of the form you use:

 ~ You may attach a copy of your MOECS transcript rather than re-writing those PD hours for your records and for the copy you provide to your school district.

~ Signed forms must be turned in to your supervisor at the end of each school year.

~ KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS of the copy your principal has signed, along with copies of the flyers or other supporting material showing the value of what you attended in relationship to your position, in the event that you are audited.

If you are seeking certification renewal, you may need both the Experienced Teachers and District Provided PD records.

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