Board of Education

Board of Education

A five-member board, elected by representatives of the twelve local boards, is the governing body of the Intermediate School District.  The regular board meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. at the following location:

Huron Intermediate School District Administrative Office
1299 S. Thomas Road, Suite 1
Bad Axe, Michigan  48413

2022-2023 Huron ISD Board Members

President  - Janice Holz

Vice President -  Emily Turner

Executive Secretary - Carol Roggenbuck

Treasurer -  Christopher Jahn

Trustee - Ryan Kramer

Assistant Secretary - Dr. Nancy Lubeski

Finance Committee

Special Education Committee

BoardBook Public View - to Board documents.  This includes board meeting agenda, meeting documents, and approved minutes of prior meetings.

Bylaws and Policies of the Board of Education.

Form for Board Member Use Only:  Board Meeting Voucher