Step Up to Writing

Step Up to Wrting is a set of instructional strategies developed by Maureen Auman and published by Sopris West.  Step Up to Writing is being used in Kindergarten through Grade 12 to ensure that students have basic writing skills and that writing is used to advance learning in all content classes.

Step Up to Writing Program Fact Sheet

K-12 Implementation Guide

(Provides examples of Step Up to Writing Strategies useful for each grade and subject.  Print on 11" x 17" paper.)

Try a Few Step Up to Writing Strategies

I-V-F Sentence and Summary Paragraph

Analayzing a Paragraph

Avoiding the "Things" Trap

Breaking Down Definitions

Either-Or for Persuasive Writing

Paragraph Elaboration and Ticket Out

Sentence Combining and Improving Sentence Quality

Summarizing Charts and Graphs

Using and Creating Bookmarks

How to Use Scoring Rubrics

Assessing Summaries of Texts

Assessing Writing in ELA Classrooms Using the SUTW Scoring Guide

Assessing Writing in Non-ELA Classrooms

Scoring Rubrics

Summarizing for HS ELA

Summarizing for HS Non-ELA

Expository Essay Writing for HS ELA

Expository Paragraph Writing for HS Non-ELA


Step Up to Writing Overview Video

Step Up to Writing Video - Agrumentative Writing at Middle School

Step Up to Writing Video - K-12 Success Story


Step Up to Writing - Research and Results

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