Employment Opportunities

Job Postings Currently Include:

Teacher of the Early Childhood Special Education Program (ECSE) - Posted 6/30/2022

Eccles School Custodial Position - Posted 6/15/2022

Director of Special Education - Posted 5/26/2022

School Social Worker - Posted 5/26/2022

Diagnostic Assessment and Intervention Technician Paraprofessional - Posted 5/17/2022

Great Start Collaborative/Early Childhood Coordinator - Posted 5/17/2022

HLC Administrative Assistant - Posted 5/17/2022

Special Education CI Teacher ** (see below) - Posted 5/4/2022

Teacher of Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) - Posted 5/4/2022

Early Childhood Special Education Paraprofessional - Posted 5/4/2022

Special Education Paraprofessional - Posted 5/4/2022

Special Education Paraprofessional Behavior Support - Posted 5/2/2022

Accountant - Special Services - Re-posted 4/8/2022

Special Education Teacher Consultant - Visually Impaired *** (see below) - Posted 1/27/2022

School Psychologist - Posted 4/28/2021

** Special Education CI Teacher:

If there are no candidates with a matching endorsement, there is an option for temporary approval for any certified teacher willing to enroll in a program at an institute of higher education to obtain an endorsement that matches the program.  The candidate:

  • must possess a valid Michigan teaching certificate
  • must get accepted into an appropriate program of study at a Michigan university/college Teacher Preparation Institution that matches the category of assignment
  • must agree to take six (6) semester credit hours between August 31 of the current school year and September 1 of the next school year for continuation of the temporary approval pursuant to the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education, Rule 340.1783 to continue this approval for the following school year, unless fewer credit hours are required for full endorsement or approval.  The school district must apply for continuing temporary approval for each consecutive school year that the candidate is employed without full endorsement or approval. 
  • must have never been convicted of (or pled no contest to) a misdemeanor or felony
  • must have never had, regarding the candidates teaching, school counselor, school psychologist, and/or school administrator credential:
    • the credential suspended or revoked
    • current action pending again their credential
    • surrendered or nullified their credential

The approval is valid only for the school year in which the effective date occurs or at the time of transfer if the teacher is reassigned during the same school year to a different category or level.  More information about temporary approvals for special education is available here

In response to the ongoing and intense need to provide appropriately certified and endorsed teachers for students with disabilities, the MDE-OSE is offering a Special Education Teacher Tuition Reimbursement Grant opportunity. The Special Education Teacher Tuition Reimbursement Grant funds are intended to incentivize certified Michigan teachers to earn an additional endorsement in special education for employment in a program where they are currently not qualified.  The Special Education Teacher Tuition Reimbursement Grant can be used to cover tuition costs up to $800.00 per credit hour for a maximum of six credits per year, per teacher for up to three years.  Tuition reimbursement does not apply to repeat courses.  More information on the Special Education Teacher Tuition Reimbursement Grant is available here.

Questions regarding this job posting can be directed to Julie Toner at (989) 269-3467 or jtoner@huronisd.org

*** Special Ed Teacher Consultant - Visually Impaired - Huron ISD is proactively planning for our future in a very competitive market to attract and retain teacher consultants to provide service for students who are blind/visually impaired.  Our intent is to attract candidates and grow them within our own system and therefore we are re-posting our Special Education Teacher Consultant for Visually Impaired to include candidates enrolled in an approved program leading to a VI endorsement .   

Anyone with a Master’s Degree in education or field of study related to special education willing to obtain an endorsement in Visually Impaired is encouraged to apply for this position.  Through the Visual Impairment Consortium, there is an opportunity for tuition reimbursement for courses leading to VI endorsement.  Classes are offered through a combination of online, web conference, and video conference with a few classes that may require 2-3 days of in person class.   

If you are interested in more information about the Grow You Own Program for Visually Impaired Teacher Consultant, please contact Geralyn Kolar at gkolar@huronisd.org or 989.269.3464. 

Substitute Teachers and Paraprofessionals, and Substitute Custodians            

The Huron Intermediate School District, Learning Center, Huron Area Technical Center, and all our local Huron County schools have teamed up with EDUStaff to provide their substitute teacher and paraprofessional staffing services!  The Huron ISD is also looking for Substitute Custodians through Edustaff at the Administration Office, Learning Center, and Technical Center. 

Start the process here:           https://www.edustaff.org/

Educational requirements to become a Substitute are the following:

·    Substitute Paraprofessional: High School Diploma, or GED,

·    Substitute Teacher: 60 credits from one or more accredited 2 or 4-year college or university.  Official transcripts must be submitted either electronically from the school or in hard copy from the college/university.

·    With the new minimum changing from 90 credits to 60 credits to teacher sub, something important to note is an individual under the age of 22 can only accept teaching assignments in grades K-8.

·    Substitute Custodian: High School Diploma, or GED.

Fingerprinting can be done on any meeting day, or by calling Julie Toner at (989) 269-3467 to schedule an appointment.  The cost to be fingerprinted is $56.50.  Only check or cash is accepted as payment.

Questions? Please call EDUStaff @ (877) 974-6338